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New Oriental Tea Room

A food venture by two brothers, Ben and Japan, we are “New Oriental Tea Room” and we re-create the authentic Asian street food experience in a lovely restaurant setting. We are two brothers who are passionate about cooking and have extensive expertise based on 30 years of perfecting their craft. We put all our hearts and soul when we are cooking our real Chinese and Malaysian Menu and we offer nothing but the highest standards in a food service.

Our cuisine comes with a touch of British influence, while keeping the core Asian taste. We create a combination that turns into a lingering experience that will follow you even after you’ve left our restaurant. We cook with natural ingredients because we want to bring out genuine flavours in our dishes, and all the health that comes with it. We serve our great quality food in our cozy venue in Plymouth, where you will be greeted only with smiles and all the hospitality.
We don’t just want to feed you and fill your gut, but create exquisite culinary experiences that will turn into cherished memories, and strong cravings for more. Come have a taste, and enjoy an unforgettable experience that will incite and delight your senses.




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